Model 3 SR+ Speaker Activation


With this wire harness, you can activate the 6 inactive speakers on SR+ (only 4 in post-March 2020 build) cars.

The work is done by connecting the front dash speakers parallel with the tweeter and A-pillar speakers to feed the signal for the speakers, and connecting the rear door speakers in parallel with the rear shelf speakers.

If your car is built post-March 2020, you can choose the option to add the 2 rear speakers (it will come with 2 OEM used speakers for you to add it back to the rear shelf).
If your car is built post-October 2020 (Model Year 2021), you will need to tap 2 wires to enable the front right tweeter (the plug-and-play connector is removed). Contact our Tech Support for more details before you purchase.

LHD Countries: United States, Canada, South Korea, Germany, France, etc.
RHD Countries: United Kingdom, Japan, Australia, Hong Kong, etc.

Installation Tutorial: Click Here

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