Model S Premium Audio Upgrade – S12P


Note: For Model S with basic audio package, please refer to the basic audio upgrade set.

1200 continuous (1950 peak) watts of efficient class D power are delivered throughout your Model S. This amplifier consumes 50% less power and delivers five times more power than the factory installed amp.

The whole package include one premium Amplifier, 4 carbon cone door speakers and one subwoofer. The package use the same wiring harness as Tesla and can be installed without modifying existing wire harness, thus preserving your factory warranty.


  • Premium Class D 5-Channel Amplifier
  • Two 160mm/2 Ω/250 W Full range Drivers (front doors)
  • Two 160mm/2 Ω/250 W Mid range Drivers (rear doors)
  • One 203mm/2 Ω/750 W Subwoofer